Real Estate Photoshop Vs Virtual Staging What is faster? P1

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Spending money and time on physical furniture arrangement or renovation is a thing of the past. Because today digital solutions are affordable and trouble-free. Therefore, many realtors turn to 3D or 2D graphic tools for staging. Now, the question is, between real estate Photoshop vs Virtual staging, what is the best option?

Living room with Virtual staging

On the one hand, it’s better to choose a professional virtual stager to do digital staging. These guys have enough resources to make top-quality remodeling — advanced hardware. On the other hand, Photoshop is a more universal software that is easy to use not only for specialists from the studio but also for freelancers.
So, which solution is the right one for your project? To compare real estate Photoshop vs Virtual Staging, HDR Edit outlined 5 critical parameters as below.

1. Adjusting the Horizon and Perspective

Choosing between real estate Photoshop and Virtual Staging, one should keep in mind that in fact, it is a battle between 2D and 3D. Photoshoppers work with photo editing while virtual stagers recreate real estate as a 3D scene, fill it with 3D objects and only then render everything back in 2D. Surely, in terms of interior and real estate that are three-dimensional by nature, 3D imagery is definitely the winner.

A Photoshop artist can try to approximately recreate the perspective and horizon line, but the chances to make a mistake are very high. Even the slightest digression will become obvious for the human eye because all objects and textures get skewed. To put it simply, setting up the exact angle that is in the original picture takes a lot of time and skills and is almost impossible in Photoshop.

Virtual staging dinning room
2. Fixing the Proportions

Fixing the proportions is a problem that only Photoshop users have. Because they cut and paste elements of different sizes into the pi. They have to adjust the dimensions simply by eye. Besides being a tremendous waste of time, real estate Photoshop also often ends up with classic bloopers, such as huge flower pots and a small king-size bed.

In terms of dimensions and proportions, real estate Photoshop vs virtual staging battle always ends up in favor of virtual furniture placement. Qblends artists build the entire 3D furniture set in a 3D roomset. Thus, the whole composition is in sync with room dimensions. Every item 3D artists use is showcased in its accurate size. Therefore, after the entire 3D scene is rendered. It all looks organic and not artificially placed on top of a photo like some kind of collage.

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