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On the other hand, Realtors want to find the best solution to save money and get jaw-dropping images at the same time. Today, as a professional virtual staging team, Qblends made a list of 6 key types of virtual staging service. It will help every Real Estate Agent should know.

4. Spectacular 3D Floor Plans

Architectural drawings are a stumbling block for many prospects — not everyone can read them. For such customers, all rooms on 2D drawings look like lines with some gaps and numbers. Нence, prospects can’t understand a layout and premises parameters. And, of course, can’t envision this drawing as a real home. That’s why a 3D floor plan works better for listings. It’s a digital model that showcases a dwelling in 3D.

Looking at the 3D floor plan, potential customers can get the whole picture of a property. They can see a 3D model of the entire house and understand the location of all premises. Moreover, a 3D plan shows important architectural benefits of a dwelling. Such as big windows or glazing walls that are impossible to understand from 2D drawings. It also showcases how spacious and capacious this property is — better than any drawings or photos.

5. Powerful Exterior Transformation

An exterior renovation is a cool service for outdoor home presentation. It is especially useful for nice houses with slight drawbacks, like a neglected garden or a bad lawn. In such cases, it only needs a little help to get an attractive look so Realtors can show prospects that real estate is worth its money. In these circumstances, virtual staging services are the best way to draw prospects’ attention to a property with good architecture and location, without making its actual exterior renovation.

Exterior Staging Furniture

CG Artists can slightly improve the look of a house — remove unnecessary elements from a photo, repaint walls, and even create a green lawn and plant flowers in front of a porch. For prospects who buy a house in its current condition, digital renovation could become a great assistance for future changes. With the help of CG imagery buyers can understand what can be done for a property and how to recreate this stunning look in real life.

6. Immersive Virtual 360° Tour

A 360° virtual tour is one of the most powerful virtual staging services that showcases a property in all its glory. It is based on a rendered 3D model of the entire house. Using this tool, prospects get the opportunity to examine every room by switching and rotating cameras, as well as zooming every interior detail.

Moreover, this interactive service recreates a feeling of real presence inside of a dwelling. Moving around the house, future owners can check out its stylish interiors and immerse into the nice cozy atmosphere. A virtual 360 tour is a reasonable solution for Realtors who sell real estate abroad. It is also suitable for realtors with busy foreign clients that can’t come to the viewing.

Types of Virtual Staging service
Types of Virtual Staging service

Thanks to the development of Staging technologies, virtual staging services help Realtors to sell more without unnecessary costs. These digital tools can solve various problems. They are from filling empty rooms with furniture to making a complete interior and exterior virtual renovation. In addition, virtual staging for real estate marketing is multifunctional. And you can use it for online and offline promo, client presentations and email campaigns.

In conclusion, order virtual staging services from our Qblends Team and you will get stunning photorealistic pictures. We guarantee for it high-quality without spending money on physical staging and renovation.

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