Where Can you Purchase Virtual Staging Software?

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A common misconception about virtual staging is that: this is a process that people can complete with software available to consumers or real estate agents in the retail marketplace. This is simply not the case. Out-of-the-box staging or design software is not adequate in producing high quality, realistic images. There are software programs available labeled as “home design”, “instant makeover”, or “interior design”.

But these programs are extremely not much. The furniture and design elements in these software programs lack the realism and detailing. That is so important when staging a vacant home. Further, out-of-the-box virtual staging software programs can be lack the variety of current or changing trends and styles. This type of software can be helpful, but it is not the same thing as virtual staging.

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Out-of-the-box virtual staging software also often has a distinct flair for remodeling a home. Rather than focusing on the home as-is. At Virtually Staging Properties, our Qblends goal is not to change the room or home into a remodeled space. But rather show the home buyer what amazing potential a space already has. Whereas traditional software is not much available in its ability to optimize image quality, our process includes use of only high resolution images to ensure that your photos look as real, polished, and professional as possible.

Pioneering The Virtual Staging Process
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Virtually Staging Properties is the pioneer of modern virtual staging. Everyone is curious – from the Press to clients to would-be virtual staging software competitors. About the Patent-Pending process and the techniques and software we employ. Our virtually staged photos portray an unmatched realism that instantly captures a potential buyer’s attention when viewing vacant photos of a room or home online where the majority of home buyers begin their search. Over 90% of home buyers search for a home online and eighty-five percent of those buyers say its the photos that are the most important factor in deciding to go view a home in person. At Virtually Staging Properties, we understand the importance of photos that reflect the natural beauty and charm of a vacant home, and are dedicated to highlighting the best features of a room or home and eliciting a positive reaction from potential home buyers.

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