Hot Tips to Make Your Real Estate Video Marketing Sing

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Real Estate Video Marketing

Grow your business the easy way with this in-depth guide to real estate video marketing. From videos ideas to lightning speed production and Facebook hacks, we break it all down for you in easy-to-action pieces.

Today, Qblends will share with you a few tips that will help you create better videos and a better overarching video marketing strategy. That way you can make great real estate video marketing for strategy and put them in the best place at the best time for maximum results.

Be consistent.

There’s no way for you to know when a potential client will be ready to buy or sell their house, so you’ll need to show up online every day. People need to see you before they’re ready for a real estate agent. That way, when it comes time to buy or sell a house, people will think of you first.
Make sure your real estate video software and production tools help you with this. If making videos is a long, challenging process, it’s hard to publish videos consistently.

Focus on being different.

If your videos look like all the other real estate videos, they simply won’t stand out, even if they cost thousands of dollars to produce. A unique and memorable idea could you can get tons of business with videos you shot on your phone.

Use your personality to your advantage.

People like to connect with real people. Show your quirks, highlight your passions and hobbies, and people will resonate with your videos.

Basically: if you’re funny, use humor! If you’re a real estate nerd, be the real estate nerd!

Show yourself, because that’s what makes you different.

Avoid selling all the time.
Real Estate Video Marketing
Real Estate Video Marketing

There’s an old rule in sales: people hate the idea of being sold to. It’s a rule because it’s true.
Fortunately, there’s an easy way around this: don’t sell in every video.

Let people know how to get in touch with you when you can fit it in. But a majority of your videos should be helpful and entertaining video content that people find interesting, even if they’re not ready to buy or sell.

Be a reliable and fun source of information, and people will want to buy from you (and they’ll never feel like you sold to them).

Include a call to action.

Although we just said to not sell all the time, you need to give people a way to become a client if they like your stuff. Always tell people how they can take the next step in the buying process with you.

Focus on emotions.

People make buying decisions emotionally and they justify those decisions with hard facts. Giving hard facts is useful, but it’s best if you inspire emotion first, then support that emotion with facts.
Appeal to the emotions that a client might feel after they buy a house: proud, excited, accomplished.

Or, think of the emotions that selling a house would inspire: relief, hope, anticipation.

Then use your hard facts to justify why someone would feel those emotions after closing a deal.

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