Hot Tips to Make Your Real Estate Video Marketing Sing P2

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Grow your business the easy way with this in-depth guide to real estate video marketing. From videos ideas to lightning speed production and Facebook hacks, we break it all down for you in easy-to-action pieces.

Make a plan.

Plan your video content in advance. That way you can make decisions about what your videos are going to be about ahead of time. When it comes time to make the real estate video marketing, you won’t get writer’s block (er, video maker’s block?).
Also, planning your videos enables you to promote videos before you post them, which is especially handy for house tour videos. This way you can build an audience for your house tour before you post it.

Real Estate Video Marketing
Real Estate Video Marketing

That said, keep your video posting schedule flexible. That way you can take advantage of spontaneous ideas whenever they strike.

Repurpose your content for other platforms.

Many people who use Facebook don’t use Instagram, and vise versa. The same goes for any other two platforms.
Post videos about the same topics on multiple platforms. The catch is that you should make a new video for each platform, even if the topic is the same. That way, you reach the most possible people, and the people who see your videos on multiple platforms won’t get annoyed by the same video over and over.

Optimize your videos for search engines.

Video is great for search engine visibility. However, you still need to do some video SEO to show up on the first page. That means including a relevant keyword in the title and adding in some keywords in your video description.
Make sure your thumbnail is eye-catching enough to stand out in search results. Lastly, encourage people to share your videos (that makes a great call-to-action, by the way). All this helps people find your videos organically when they search for real estate information.

Add captions.

First, captions are necessary for hearing-impaired viewers. However, most phones are sound impaired, because people put them on silent. Captions help people understand your videos and get value from them, even when they’re watching with the sound off.
Captions also help video platforms like YouTube understand your content, which improves your video SEO.

Use YouTube tags appropriately.

New YouTube creators forget about YouTube tags all the time. We’re going to help you avoid that mistake: tag your YouTube videos appropriately. Good tagging improves your SEO and helps YouTube properly display your video when people search for videos on YouTube.
These tips will improve any video you make. Of course, you’re probably still concerned about what to talk about in your videos. Don’t worry. We’ve got some real estate video ideas coming up next.

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