Real Estate Video Ideas for Listings

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You are looking for a best way to sell your property? Then real estate video ideas is your key to make it easier. When potential buyers or renters are searching for a new home, video is a way to make your listings stand out from the crowd. So we’ll start with a few ideas for incorporating video into your listings.

1. Property Listing Video
Listing real estate video idea
Listing real estate video ideas

First things first: property listing videos are a must. A listing video gives you the opportunity to pair photos with video clips and text to tell the story of a property more fully than you can with photos alone. These videos can be shared in your listing itself, as well as on your website, your social media accounts, or anywhere you’re promoting your listing.
This example, plus many of the others in this article, is a customizable template. In Animoto, you can drag and drop to replace the photos and video clips with your own, update the text, make it on brand with your own colors, and add your logo.

2. Neighborhood Video

Aside from the features of the property itself, the neighborhood a property is in is often a big selling point. You can take your property listings up a notch by also including a video, or link to a video, showcasing the neighborhood.

What amenities does the neighborhood afford? Is it conveniently located? Are there community events? What are the schools like? Any and all of this information can be included in your neighborhood video. For more inspiration, check out our ideas for community building later on in this list.

3. School Video Review

As you know, schools are often a make-or-break when it comes to a buyer’s decision whether or not to make an offer on a new home. For family-friendly properties, sharing a video review of the school district is a great way. So that potential buyers easier decide if the property is right for them. You can find many video template. They can make it easy for you to get started on this type of video.

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