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Guide to editing an exterior Twilight Real Estate Photography

Today, Qblends will explain how to edit an exterior from a twilight real estate photography shoot. So, no supplementary lighting here. Rather, it was timing the light, good old bracketing, and basic post-processing. The Raw Conversion For ambient images, the RAW conversion is crucial. It is usually a bracketed for 5 exposures, 1 stop apart. […]

Equipment Needed to Shoot Twilight Real Estate Photography

Understanding the equipment necessary for twilight real estate photography and its technical components can go a long way to improving your real estate photos. Not all photographers are as technical as others, but it always helps to know the basics. How Much Does the Equipment for Twilight Photography Cost?Twilight photos surprisingly don’t require a lot […]

Benefits of Real Estate Virtual Dusk Photography

What is virtual dusk? A virtual dusk photo is kinds of photo in HDR (high-dynamic-range) during normal daylight conditions. Then, in post-production, graphic designers will replace the sky and make other adjustments like “turning on” interior and exterior lights. As a result, the home appears like sunset or twilight pictures. Photographers can take these shots […]

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