Tips to Editing a Twilight Photo in Real Estate

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Twilight photography for real estate enables you to showcase a home and its exterior features like landscape and property lighting. Doing exterior twilight shots is important in real estate because it can add drama to any listing.

However, you can only take a well-exposed twilight shot at a particular time of day using the right setup and correct camera settings. For this reason, we’re giving you some useful tips to editing a twilight photo.

Editing a Twilight Photo

The main problem with twilight shoots is that you would typically need to edit exposure. These are the different ways of editing a twilight image.

Editing a Twilight Photo
Editing a Twilight Photo
  • Manual blending: While this method adds a redundant step to boosting brightness, this is a great way to choose layers you need to blend. In effect, you can highlight both interior and exterior lighting in an image.
  • Fixing Blown-Out Highlights: A layer mask can help recover blown highlights and get the best ambient exposures, one for the foreground and one for the sky.
  • Removing Orange Windows: You can desaturate the windows or remove the orange color by adjusting the white balance, although the sky will get much bluer as you move towards white.

Qblends team can effectively convert twilight images into daytime images and vice-versa, i.e. daytime images into twilight images.

Day to Dusk conversions including:
  • Shadows addition: We can add shadows to the appropriate objects present in the architectural properties for giving more depth and definition to the photographs.
  • Sky replacement: Changing the sky is another technique that we use to make the property image appealing. Here, we replace the dark or gloomy sky with beautiful dusk or sunset.
  • Color correction: We transform and balance the colors to ensure a warm temperature for the building structures. It helps to set the right mood for the viewers to buy the property.
  • Improving the interior appeal: We can add internal lighting to the building spaces for improving its look. Besides, adding fire to fireplaces or chimneys can also amplify the warm and welcoming feel of the homes.
  • Enhancement of the external environment: We can place a moon or stars in the sky to enhance the external environment. If required, we can also add exterior lighting like street lights, pool or garden lights, headlights, etc.
  • Correction of perspectives distortion: We carry out vertical and horizontal straightening of property pictures. So that we can remove any kind of perspective distortions present in the image.
  • Flaws removal: We make sure that the property images are of professional quality. Such as removing imperfections such as dust spots, scratched lenses, unwanted reflections, and more.
  • HDR processing: We use HDR image processing to create photorealistic and dynamic real estate images. That will showcase the best characteristics of the property to attract maximum customers.
  • Adjustment of various image properties: We make appropriate adjustments in the strength, opacity, brightness, contrast, curves, sharpness, etc. to enhance the image quality.

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