Real Estate Virtual Twilight Services

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Virtual Twilight also known as Virtual Dusk give the illusion of Twilight photography without the hassle of evening photoshoot. Elegant virtual dusk editing replaces the sky & home lighting to give a twilight look. These images are very attractive and increase the clicks of your property listing on websites like,, &

The warmth and welcoming appeal of twilight photos really set off a glamorous, stylish vibe attracting more views online. Ultimately creating an emotional connection for buyers. Check out these before/afters and you’ll see just how alluring twilight can truly be!

Virtual twilight, on the other hand, showcases the exterior of the house in attractive lighting and with an improved curb appeal. This technique not only makes the house more representative but also much more welcoming. Here is everything the virtual twilight encompasses.

Qblends Virtual Twilight solutions

By using advanced software, you will get the perfect twilight photos. Our Qblends team will use the special effects to change the photo including combinations of color, contrast, brightness and texture. The virtual editors will alter the weather conditions by adding rain, snow, clouds or fog if this is the preference of the realtor. And they also will incorporate shadows to obtain more depth in the photos. In addition, our team will change the color of the sky as you wish. In the end, the strength, opacity and sharpness of the photo will be adjusted.

On the other hand, the daylight photos can show the real and present condition of the house. But the weather conditions might make it unflattering. If you succeed to shoot the photo in the sun, it might be a great shot, but not always you are left with the ideal weather conditions. In fact, it might even be raining, cloudy and foggy. All of which might create an unpleasant and dull feeling when looking at the photo of the house. That is why dusk is usually considered to be the perfect timing for taking photos.

Even though you can create an excellent photo if you have the basic photography skills at twilight, you don’t have a lot of time to take several different shots. The period when the sun sets is about 30 minutes and this means that you can do only one shooting of a house per day, which is not the case with virtual twilight service because you can have the photos digitally enhanced in just one day regardless of the hour.

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