What Is HDR Photography?

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Have you ever tried to photograph a high-contrast scene? Have you ever frustrated when you find that the pictures you snapped just don’t do it justice? Don’t worry, it’s not you, or even your camera. Even with the perfect exposure, there are certain scenes that will always tend to get blown-out highlights, flat shadows, or both. Despite the fact that it’s nearly impossible to find a happy medium in these types of situations, there is a solution. You can get over this age-old dilemma by the magic of HDR processing. What is HDR photography? Today HDR Edit will share a quick rundown of what it is and how to get started with it.

High Dynamic Range HDR photography

High Dynamic Range photography is the method of fusing images to create a final photo. The method involves taking many pictures and then stitch them together.
Each image captures the scene at different exposures. When merged, the picture provides an overall correct exposure.
In most cases, this process needs at least three images. The first one is to capture a mid-range exposure shot. Meanwhile, the second meters for the highlights, and third for the shadows.

HDR image

You can take many images, as long as the number is divisible by 3. These images show as a plus or minus on the Exposure Value Meter. +3 and -3 is a regular choice.
For three images, the values should be 0, +3, and -3. +3.
For seven images, your range should be -3, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2, +3.
Your camera allows you to capture three images in this manner. Other cameras even have a dedicated HDR feature that let you freely adjust settings.

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