Outsource Real Estate HDR Image

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In real estate fields, HDR images brings out the deepest shadows and the brightest highlights of a scene. This type of photograph usually use for outdoor locations and interior real estate images. But, it can also add a fantasy element to creative photo manipulation. The problem with HDR photography is that it is often overdone. That’s the reason why agents want to outsource real estate HDR image.

When Would You Use HDR Photography?

There are a number of situations where HDR photography can come in handy when used well. Some of these include interior photography, nightscapes and dramatic skies.

Sunrise and sunset make for perfect HDR images.

Most often than not, your golden hour photo looks nothing like what you can see in real life. Depending on how you set your exposure (manual or auto), you can find that:

  • The sky is very bright and the foreground quite dark with little details
  • Your foreground is well exposed, but your sky looks washed out.
  • The sky is perfect, but the foreground is solid black.
Outsource Real Estate HDR image

 Nowaday, HDR image is the best choice to attract the buyers. It is not only help you to impress your clients but also in deciding and buying the properties. Then the quality of images is very important for homeowners and real estate business.

These real estate photographers take images from unlike exposures to demonstrate an eye-catching view of property.  And the problem is these different exposure pictures need final touch up from an image blending professional before presenting to customers. Image blending expert blends images together to create a flawless photograph. If you do not have in-house photo editing professionals, then outsourcing real estate HDR image blending services to specialized vendors could be a profitable decision. We at Qblends have highly experienced HDR image blending team to correct uneven lighting conditions or other distractions from your real estate photos.

Our photo editing teams have ability to blend two or more exposure bracketed pictures into one dazzling photograph utilizing latest software and tools. We can blend your real estate images manually as well as automatically and give them a natural look with Enfuse, Enblend and other tools. Outsource image blending services to Qblends and give an artistic touch to your real estate images.

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