Using HDR Photo For Real Estate Photography

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Advantages of Using HDR Photo For Real Estate Photography

There are a many advantages to using HDR techniques in real estate photography. Namely the fact that you don’t need additional equipment, and you can work faster on-location and in post-production.

Simplicity of Shooting

With HDR bracketing for real estate photography, all you have to do is set up like you normally would, and then vary your shutter speed to capture bracketed images. Of course using a tripod is useful for interiors, if your shutter speed is very long, however if you bracket exterior images hand-held with steady technique, good HDR merging software can auto-align your images for you! Either way, you just don’t need any special gear.

This allows a working photographer to get a job done very quickly, including both interior and exterior images of a property, with a minimal amount of equipment and setup/break-down time while on-location. For a professional, working quickly can make a huge difference in the amount of money you make!

Simplicity of Processing

With HDR images, in post-production all you have to do is let automated software do its thing with your bracketed images, and then dial in the tones to your liking.

You don’t need to spend extra minutes or hours doing complicated Photoshop editing, to combine different images manually.

Adobe Lightroom does have a basic HDR merging feature which creates a single DNG file. It is convenient for quick and simple raw edits. However, outsource HDR photo from Qblends offers many additional advantages. You not only save more time but alo save more effort.

Outsource Real Estate HDR Photo with Qblends

HDR Blending: To display every details in image, our team will blend your HDR images and make it into one details image.
Image Perspective: Some common problems you will encounter when photographing buildings is a combination of perspective errors and barrel distortion from the camera.
Balance the light: Some time photo have not proper light some place it look to dark. And some place to bright we need to balance those light and make it into one proper tone.

Add Bright and contrast: After blending HDR image some image still not bright and contrast that. So that time we add some brightness and contrast into image so every details look clear.
Add Level: Level is important in you hdr image it improve you image quality.
Color balance: In photography and image processing, color balance is very important. It display you image in even tone.

Color costing: some time you HDR image have also displaying some extra colors. So that time we need to remove those extra colors and image look proper and originals colors.
Dust Removal: Remove all you camera lance dust so that image display more clear and nicer
Sharp: When edit the image the image loose little bit there quality so that time we need to add some sharpness. It display your image more sharp and clear
Add Blue Sky: some time when you click the exterior image, the sky is not clear. It’s look dull that time. We need to Add the blue sky

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