Enhance the Twilight Real Estate Photos with Photoshop

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real estate twilight photos

Even you got perfect twilight real estate photos for your listing because of your great preparation. From choosing the right time of sunset to camera setting and waiting patiently. But afterthat, you still need to take some steps to enhance your twilight photos to make it better. First, you need to choose the best sunset photos, then enhance the sky and sharpen the property. Follow our instruction below to ensure to get the outstanding result.

Selecting the right set of twilight real estate photos

How to enhance the Twilight Real Estate Photos
How to enhance the Twilight Real Estate Photos

Even you have to spend much time preparing for the house and the camera setting, you only have 10 minutes to grab these fierce moments. So first of all, check all the exposures of all the angles you had taken and choose the ones with the best lighting on the sky. As you know, the sky of the sunset photos is the most important thing that can bring the gorgeous feeling for the property. So choose the right set of HDR brackets to ensure to get the most details of the features with vivid colors from the sky.

Start with enhancing the sky

How to enhance the Twilight Real Estate Photos
How to enhance the Twilight Real Estate Photos

After choosing these best exposures, you will need to enhance your sky first. It not only take the the biggest pieces of the photos but also can help you to attract more customers. Start by creating layers, making the bottom-most the neutral exposure. Then, mask the bottom layer with another layer whose property is well-lit. Remove the sky of the second layer which will be a lot less visible as the exposure is on the property. Then, you need to procee in adjusting the contrast and saturation of the base layer to make the orange stand out more than the grey colors in the sky. Adjust the saturation and hue to help distinguish the clouds from the sky. Because it is important at this stage to make clouds distinguishable.

Sharpen the property image

While taking twilight at sunset time, when the lighting is becoming darker and darker. So it results in the photos with some blurs and distortions. Then you need to edit the images to ensure that these are rectified to make the lights appear to make the property look crisp. Moreover, taking in the low-light conditions, you need to remove all the shadows and the edges are clearly visible and straight. In addition, don’t forget to adjust the opacity of the property image to match the sky’s opacity.

Correct the white balance and merge the layers

twilight real estate photos
Twilight real estate photos

In that sunset time, homeowners need to turn on all the lighting fixtures from interior to exterior photos to ensure they get enough light. So in order to deal with many sources of light, photographers have to take multi-exposure. This will help editors easier to adjust the white balance afterward. The white balance can be thrown off by one of the artificial light sources and create a tinted image of the property, which is different from the sky as it is in two different layers. Photoshop has auto removal of white balance and always check to see if there needs to be any correction. After this, merge the layers to create one single photo that will look seamless to the viewer.

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