8 Best Free HDR Software Options in 2020 P2

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HDR images Software can be expensive. But there are some free alternatives. Let continue to check out our best free HDR software solutions we could find out there.

5. Luminance HDR

When asking for free high dynamic range programs, Luminance HDR tends to be on the top of everyone’s list.

Sourceforge developed this free, open-source program. They also create other free resources for businesses and e-commerce solutions.
Luminance HDR is an intuitive program with an easy-to-use interface. The most recent 2019 edition features many useful tools to bring out the best in your HDR photography. Sourceforge upgraded the HDR solution with new features like automatic anti-ghosting, FITS support integration with Windows taskbar, improved 1/10 with TIPF 32 bit and redesigned merge algorithms.

6. Picturenaut 3

Designed in the German photo-community by HDR Labs, Picturenaut is a free-personal Windows HDR app that’s been around for close to a decade now. The app features some ultra-modern tools like exposure detection from EXIF data, image alignment and ghost removal. Its tone mapper has immensely helped photographers and hobbyists create amazing HDR images.

7. FDRTools Basic

FDRTools Basic is the gratis variant of FDRTools. The range of functionality is identical compared to the Shareware FDRTools Advanced.
However, there is a clear distinction to the Advanced variant: FDRTools Basic ist less suited for the processing of many and large images as it does not support parallelised – and hence much faster – image data processing. Furthermore FDRTools Basic is available as 32-bit version only, imposing limits on the size of processible images.

FDRTools Basic is perfect for hobbyists who occasionally want to create high quality tonemapped images for free.
If you are a first-time user trying to evaluate the possibilities of HDR imaging and Tonemapping, you should try FDRTools Advanced. You can use it for free also, the resulting images will have a watermark.

8. Nik HDR Efex Pro

Producing convincing and natural-looking HDR images involved complex tone mapping. HDR Efex Pro takes the guesswork out of crafting stunning HDR images with just a few clicks of a mouse.
Although many HDR photos involve multiple exposures, sometimes you might want that HDR look but only have one image to work with. With HDR Efex Pro an advanced tone-mapping algorithm can expand the dynamic range of a single image to produce that classic HDR look. It’s the perfect tool for adding drama to your favorite landscape shots.

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