5 Photography Tips to Improve Your Real Estate Listings

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Thirty-two percent! That’s how fast a real estate listings sell with good photos.

It goes without saying that visuals play a significant role in present-day media. Words always deliver a more powerful message when they are coupled with a strong graphic element. Together, they increase retention, staying with your audience for a longer time.

Real estate photo editing
Real estate photo editing

Buyers looking at a listing spend 60% time on photos and 20% on descriptions
83% of buyers consider real estate photos very critical in making a purchase decision
Online listings that use professional photos get 61% more views

Ergo, using excellent images in online listings significantly affects your real estate success. They not only influence the impression of a property listing but also impact your brand reputation. They give you a competitive edge, help attract prospective buyers, and convert them into paying ones.

However, creating such photos is often the problem realtors face.

Some people hire real estate panorama photo editing services for cost-effective results. Others fold their sleeves and get down to business themselves. Whatever your inclination may be, we have something to help you. Take a look!

Real Estate Photography In The Digital Era- What’s Different?

Now more than ever, people are searching for homes on the internet. Moreover, technology has integrated itself into the way people buy and sell homes. Renting has gained pace. And, buyers are getting increasingly more invested in the entire process.

  • In 2017, 56% of homebuyers (up to 36 years old) found their homes online
  • In 2018, 44% of all home buyers looked online for properties
  • 76% of all buyers found their homes using a mobile device
  • 92% of relator firms have a website & 77% use social media to promote their listings

In simple words, the entire real estate landscape is being redefined by technology and evolving consumer expectations. In such an environment, online property listings have appeared as a powerful brand differentiator. If utilized with tact, they can turn up impressive ROIs.

Keeping in line with that idea, property listing images gain a critical position. In addition, they can showcase benefits, inform the buyers, and appease them-all in a single glance.

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