Sort of Professional Real Estate Photo Editing Services

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What are the sort of services you want to outsource from professional real estate photo editing services?

To start off the basic adjustments of lens profile correction and chromatic aberrations. Then exposure adjustment, contrast adjustment, white balance adjustment, sharpness. And noise removal are some of the other services you can expect from a real estate photo retouching company.
Why these services are important. Color correction or white balance adjustment is a necessary step in the process of finalizing your real estate images. Very often when shooting under household tungsten and fluorescent lights images tend to have a strong color cast. And Qblends professional editors will help you to remove them easily.

Real Estate Photo Editing image
Real Estate Photo Editing image

Wide angle lenses are preferred for photographing real estate images. These lenses are susceptible to distortions. Typically, you get barrel distortions which will make straight lines appear curved. This again needs to be adjusted before you can use any images.

Exposure and contrast adjustment are also necessary. These help create a more balanced and definitely sharper image. Exposure blending on the other hand requires a slightly more advanced editing technique. This is what we had discussed up front.

Advanced Retouching Editing Services

Further, Qblends provide advanced editing services as well. These would include sky replacement, stitching of images replacement or repair of sections of the image and so on. Sky replacement is something you would want to have if the original sky in your images were plain and boring.

Sort of Real Estate Photo Editing services
Sort of Real Estate Photo Editing services

Any professional real estate photo editing services would be able to add a better looking textured sky for your images. If certain sections of some of your images are not quite as expected a professional editing service would help you repair those. In the process they would create cleaner images. All in all their services cannot be overemphasized.

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