Real Estate Photo Retouching Process

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Qblends Photo Editing business is a leading real estate photo retouching service provider including HDR Photo Enhancement services. Moreover, our dedicated and highly skilled and trained truly professional teams are enough capable to handle any projects. Our outstanding editing services not only helps your real estate organization attain the high performance in the business. But also enable to minimize the cost desperately and hold the resources in time.

There are countless options that our editors use to retouch your real estate images. In this way, we will make your photos look perfectly amazing. Today, Qblends will share with you some of the basic retouching keys for real estate photography.

1. Make color correcting a priority.

Color correction is probably the most basic essential step that we did for your photo retouching. Depending on the kind of property you want to advertise or sell, it is important to adjust the saturation, hue, and tint. Adjusting greens is a common color error in real estate photography. You need to capture the dynamics of the exteriors that can be challenging to newbies.

2. Make sure the lines are straight.
Real Estate Photo Retouching image
Real Estate Photo Retouching image

With Qblends, straight lines is a very important rule when retouching any of the image. It is perfectly help you in making the property look great. Unfortunately, this usually happens when the camera is not angled properly. Regardless if it is an interior or an exterior shooting, it is important to make sure that the lines are straight. By outsourcing our Photo Retouching services, we will ensure that select the entire image and try to drag the corner of the photo adjacent to where the lines are leaning towards.

3. Space must be evenly lighted.

So, one of the most common problems that are encountered in real estate photography is the uneven distribution of lighting. This problem can create unwanted shadows and undesirable dark areas. So that our mission is lighten your photos. Also we also move the hot spots down.

4. Remove unwanted objects from your photo.

There are times when unwanted objects roam around your photos. Then our editors will consult you the idea to declutter those unwanted objects, start cloning and painting over the objects.

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