Qblends Real Estate HDR image blending

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Our Qblends Real Estate HDR image blending service including :
1. Color Exposure Correction

Color Correction is the process of adjusting the clips you shot to get good exposure in the image. And you do this by balancing the light in the shot. So that, setting up the right color correction and balancing the color exposure results in the image being realistic by throwing out the natural color.

So it is important to note that color correction refers to work done in post-production. That is, working on the clip after it is already shot. There are methods you can use to adjust the color and create proper exposure while you are shooting. But color correction as we are going to talk about it is doing these things with a computer, with the finished shot.

2. Perspective Correction
Qblends Real Estate HDR image blending
Qblends Real Estate HDR image blending

Perspective correction, also known as keystone correction, or perspective control, is defined as correcting the converging vertical and horizontal lines. The perspective correction makes your real estate photos look more real and captivating.

It is very important with every image. Firstly, we help to avoid perspective distortion and the barrel distortion of the interior and exterior images. Our editors will make the specific adjustments to the verticals and horizontals lines in the image to correct the perspectives, getting a better result.

3. Image Bracketing

When you have multiple bracketing photos, it happens to be either too bright or extremely dark.

The brightness of a property is one of the most important search criteria for buyers. It is therefore fundamental to be able to highlight the light of your properties. However, the task can sometimes be particularly complex.

As you can see, exposure bracketing is essential to the success of your real estate photos. So our team are here to help you to set up to blend the images, that vary in temperature, quality, and brightness.

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