Advantages of Using Day to Dusk conversion

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day to Dusk conversion

What is a Day to Dusk conversion photo?

Day to Dusk conversion, that mean you takes ONE day-time photo and transform it into a twilight scene using Photoshop. Editors will use proper techniques to replace the dusk sky, etc to ensure the viewers can see the sunset photo. From removing shadows, add lighting effects and adjust window color to simulate twilight photography.  This is one of the most effective solution for realtors to attract more customers for the property.

Advantage of Day to Dusk conversion with realtors and photographers

day to Dusk conversion
Day to Dusk conversion

A key advantage of Day to Dusk conversion is that you can control all the factors.  In other words, it doesn’t matter if there’s a less-than-stellar sunset that evening or if half the lights aren’t working inside. As long as there’s a good daytime shot to use as a starting point, you can have a the virtual image with the look of picture-perfect every time.

Plus, Virtual Dusk can be tweaked until they’re perfect for your unique listing. If you’d prefer a sky with more pink and purple hues, we can easily add those. If you decide you’d like to have the fire pit lit, we can do that, too! With Virtual Twilights, we can easily edit until you are satisfied with the finished photo.

Advantage of Virtual Twilights
Advantage of Virtual Dusk

Twilights are an effective marketing tool for showing off a unique facet of the home at sunset.  Similarly, Virtual Twilights are just as effective while also removing the need to return to the property for a second time.

Qblends Virtual Twilight solutions

Our Qblends team are familiar with various of Virtual Twilight solutions. In post-processing, we can follow your style you want. Normally, all the clients want to replace the daytime sky with a photoshopped twilight sky. Then lights are added to windows, lamp posts, string lights, etc. The rest of the photo is darkened slightly so that the illuminated areas “pop” just as they would in a real Twilight image.

If you’re curious about Virtual Twilights and want to see more examples, please contact us

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